John Sickels Mailbag

19 02 2008

John Sickels from Minor League Ball had an “All Questions Answered” thread today that was enormous. He answered all the questions and touched on some of the Milwaukee Brewers. Here’s what he had to say:

  • Rickie Weeks has been hampered by injuries, but Sickels sees him bouncing back this year like everyone else. He predicts a .275/.370/.445 line. I think most Brewers fans would take that OBP from Weeks this year.
  • Sickels is a big fan of Manny Parra. He believes that Manny has an outside shot at winning Rookie of the Year this year. Manny has worked back from injuries to regain his velocity and improved his control greatly. I take it that he’s counting on Parra making the starting rotation out of Spring Training.
  • Matt LaPorta’s bat is Major League ready right now. His major league debut will depend on how his defensive skills develop and what type of personnel moves Milwaukee makes
  • John’s prediction for the Brewers’ Minor League breakout player: Michael Brantley.  John says that he needs to gain some strength, but if he does, he could really have a huge season.

Here’s to hoping all those predictions come true. If John’s evaluation of Manny Parra is correct, the Brewers would be golden with Sheets, Gallardo (once healthy), Suppan, Villanueva, and Parra.



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7 08 2008
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