Camp Report: Tuesday

19 02 2008

Adam McCalvy and Tom Haudricourt give us todays recap.

Ryan Braun is going through an intense class on learning how to play left field. Ed Sedar is the one helping him every step of the way. From all accounts, Braun’s athleticism and big arm look to make the transition easier than it normally would be, but it will still not be a walk in the park. Braun and Sedar worked extensively today on Braun’s footwork and his angles to fly balls.

There seems to be a bounce in Braun’s step this off-season. He is excited about his move to the outfield. Apparently, Ryan never liked playing third base anyway. That information would have been useful a couple years ago, don’t you think?

Ricky Weeks had a fine day in camp today. The ball was absolutely jumping off of his bat in batting practice. He was so impressive that Haudricourt mentioned Weeks in the power category before Prince Fielder. Those nagging injuries for Weeks must be fully healed and a thing of the past. As plenty of scouts and experts have said numerous times, look for big things from Rickie this year.

Jason Kendall has battled many critics this off-season. Kendall has not played an inning for Milwaukee, and fans are already calling his signing a mistake. Experts have labeled him as “offensively inept” and a “below-average defensive catcher.”

Yost came to his new catcher’s defense today. He seems to really like the fact that Kendall calls a game to emphasize the strengths of the pitcher, rather than a “philosophy.” Johnny Estrada ascribed to calling a game based on overarching pitching principles, not tailoring the game to his pitcher. Yost celebrates Kendall’s style and expects the change to really benefit his starting rotation this season.

Ned also refutes the claim that Kendall is the worst throwing backstop in the league. Statistics are misleading when addressing this category because part of throwing a runner out depends on whether or not the pitcher gives the catcher a chance. When the ball is in the dirt, the catcher can obviously not make a good throw. That all makes sense, but Kendall’s arm has consistently weakened in the last couple years. This sounds like a lot of sugar-coating to cover his lack of arm strength.




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