Camp Report: Monday

18 02 2008

Adam McCalvy for recapped the day down in Phoenix.

  •  It sounds like it was a good thing that Hardy and the Brewers avoided the arbitration hearing that was originally scheduled for today down in Florida.  Hardy made it clear that the hearing could have put strains on their relationship, as he did not want to go down to Florida and hear Melvin and company “talk bad about [him].”
  • Lou Palmisano’s MRI today showed that he does not have a cartilage tear in his knee.

    Milwaukee trainers had originally feared that the catching-prospect had suffered an injury very similar to the one Gallardo has.  Instead of undergoing surgery, Palmisano will be sidelined for 5-7 days, and he will be able to join the team on the field again.  That is definitely good news for Lou!

  • It turns out that Mike Cameron’s flight got delayed last night, and that is why he was “late” to camp today.  He said that he was as shocked as anyone that every other Brewer position player had arrived so early.  He originally planned on just taking his physical today, but when he saw all the other Brewers on the field, he decided to join them.  All that on less than four-hours of sleep.  Nice.



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