MLB Power Rankings

15 02 2008

FOX Sports revealed its first MLB Power Rankings for the ’08 season today. There are a few questionable rankings on the list, but it’s quite an interesting list overall.

The Milwaukee Brewers check in at #12, which makes them tentatively the fifth best team in the National League. Where are the Cubs? Chicago makes the list at #14. Aram Tolegian likes the upside of the Brewers, and expects a healthy Sheets and Weeks, along with the key addition of Mike Cameron, to push the young team over the top.

He does mention that Spring Training will be key for Milwaukee. Not because of key position battles, but because of health concerns. Tolegian says that “healthy” and “Milwaukee” are not commonly found in the same sentence, and fans should cross their fingers that Spring Training is injury free. If the Brewers are able to escape Spring Training without any key injuries, Tolegian expects them to be the favorite in the NL Central.

One issue I had with how the rankings are set is the placement of the Cincinnati Reds. The Reds are #22 on the list, which puts them behind both the Cardinals and the Astros. The Reds have incredible upside to their rotation with the likes of Homer Bailey and Edinson Volquez, and everyone knows they have the offensive firepower to match anyone. Add Francisco Cordero and Jeremy Affeldt to the mix, and Cincy could make some noise this year.

The other issue I have is that the Houston Astros are ranked #18. You can rave about the trade for Jose Valverde all you want. You can even claim that Miguel Tejada will come back rejuvenated and belt 30 HRs. Even if both of those are true (I would argue that the Tejada trade was one of the worst of the off-season), just take a look at their starting rotation. Roy Oswalt is a stud, but their #2 starter is Wandy Rodriguez. And you thought the Brewers had starting pitching issues last season…




2 responses

15 02 2008

Nitpick: The Astros traded for Valverde, they didn’t sign him.

15 02 2008

Sorry, you’re right. The signing I was referring to was the fact that they won their arbitration hearing with him today, and they signed him to a one-year contract.

You’re right though, I’ll change that.

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