Melvin’s Expectations

15 02 2008

Tom Haudricourt checks in today with a couple news tidbits:

  • Melvin’s expectations for the ’08 Milwaukee Brewers are simple: Win the division and go to the post-season.
  • The starting rotation will most likely not be decided until the end of Spring Training, according to Melvin. He stressed the fact that injuries are a part of baseball. I understand that to mean that he does not want to trade away a pitcher, then suffer an injury and not have anyone to replace that pitcher.This worry seems a little odd, as even if the Brewers traded one pitcher, there would still be two starters waiting in the wings to pick up the slack. Tim Dierkes of MLB Trade Rumors listed Chris Capuano as one of the 10 Most Likely Trade Candidates. I tend to fully agree with that sentiment, as Melvin will be able to get more for Cappy than for Vargas. Bush could be an interesting trading chip, but I don’t see Milwaukee parting with the young right-hander.
  • Haudricourt also provides a preview of his interview with Ned Yost that will be published Sunday in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.It promises to be very interesting. The interview will cover the manager’s actions in the final week of the season last year. Yost was ejected three times in the last eight games, and it will specifically focus on the Cardinal game where he was thrown out after Milwaukee threw at Albert Pujols. If you can recall, this incident occurred after St. Louis threw at Prince Fielder earlier in the game. Haudricourt even promises previously unheard information about the Pujols-Fielder incident that will be published on Sunday. I look forward to that read.



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