Best Young Players in Baseball

11 02 2008

The Baseball Analysts have compiled a list of who they feel to be the best young players (24 or 25-year olds) in baseball.  Not surprisingly, Milwaukee has a few players to make the list.

25-year olds:

  • Rickie Weeks (#9) checks in because of his 15.4% walk rate.  The Baseball Analysts are also banking on Rickie continuing his fine play he displayed down the stretch in August and September last season.
  • J.J. Hardy (#14) is dubbed as “more solid than spectacular.”  I would agree with that sentiment, although I would caution you not to read “solid” as “average.”  J.J. is a fine shortstop, and he showed flashes of that last season.

24-year olds:

  • Prince Fielder (#2) is behind only Hanley Ramirez for the top honor in this age group.  His 50 home-runs and higher OBP lead me to believe that Hanley is ranked higher solely because of his outstanding speed and the fact that he hit .332 with 29 HR as a shortstop.  With that said, Prince can put a team on his back for days with his bat.  I would consider them 1A and 1B.
  • Ryan Braun (#3) had one of the best rookie campaigns in recent memory.  His defense remains a concern (even in left field), but his bat more than made up for it last season.  What is scary is that Braun admitted that he did not feel comfortable for much of last season.  I wonder what kind of numbers he can put up after settling into his role as Milwaukee’s 3 or 4-hitter.

Where’s Yovani Gallardo on this list?  He’s only 21, about to turn 22.  Yeah, that’s how good he is too.




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