Upcoming Interview with Brewerfan.net

10 02 2008

UPDATE 02-11-08 11:13 AM – Because pitchers and catchers are to report to Arizona this weekend, there will be lots of news this weekend.  I don’t want to hide the interview with Brewerfan.net among those posts.  Thus, I’m going to go ahead and try to get the interview done and posted within the next couple days for you all.

I got a couple questions thus far, but I’ll just include them in the interview.  Look for it in the next couple days!


The guys at Brewerfan.net have agreed to doing an interview for BrewersNation. This is exciting, as there are few people who follow Brewers’ prospects so closely or are so knowledgeable about them.

Do you have any questions concerning any of the prospects in Milwaukee’s farm system? Do you think Alcides Escobar is overrated? Will Matt LaPorta make it to the big leagues in 2008?

Post your questions in the comment field, or you are free to email me your questions for the guys at Brewerfan.net. I will choose a few questions and perhaps add a few of my own. Please have your questions in by Thursday. Ask away!



One response

11 02 2008

All of the projections I have seen soo far have the Cubs clinching the division and the Brewers finishing 2nd. When I compare the rosters I cant figure out how the Brewers wouldnt be on top. It seems to me that the only thing the Cubs may have over us is starting pitching, catching and a few years age wise. The starting pitching is questionable because the Brewers are so deep with pitching. Is my view obscured because of my bias towards the Brewers, or do you think I’m on track? I know projections dont mean much but it makes me mad that the Brewers clearly seem to have a better team on paper and no one will give them the nod. I need some unbias reasons on why all of the sports analysists think the Cubs are better. Thanks!

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