The Hardball Times Season Preview 2008

10 02 2008

The Hardball Times Season Preview 2008 is the latest installment in The Hardball Times’ great season preview series.  If you have not checked out the work at The Hardball Times, you really should give it a look.  Their writers do great and original analysis.  Anyway, why am I promoting this book?  The Hardball Times put a small preview up on their site, and their are a couple interesting notes concerning the Brewers.  Good things, mind you.  Here’s what they had to say:

  • Big things for Prince Fielder.  How big?  How about a projected line at .301/.397/.587.  Only Albert Pujols, David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, Barry Bonds, and Ryan Howard have a higher OPS.  They predict Prince to be in the top-30 in batting average, top-20 in on-base percentage, and top-10 in slugging.  With Ryan Braun as his protection this year, Prince can definitely post those numbers for the Crew.

    The writers at The Hardball Times take it a step further, however.  Using their projection-system, Prince Fielder has a 37% chance to break Barry Bond’s career home run record.  That’s higher than Alex Rodriguez.  I’ll be interested to see the method they used to project this, but either way, that claim is very impressive for Prince.

  • Eric Gagne will bounce back for Milwaukee.  They project him to post a 3.35 ERA.  That’s not as good as his 2.16 ERA for Texas last year, but it is more than capable for a closer.

    What are the implications for signing Gagne, according to the preview?  Gagne will help the Brewers take the NL Central in 2008…by one game.  That made my morning.




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