Jonathan Lucroy Interview

9 02 2008

Since I’ve moved sites, the popular Jonathan Lucroy interview has been missing. I have gotten a couple e-mails asking for it to be reposted. Not a problem!

Jonathan Lucroy was nice enough to answer some questions from some of the readers here at BrewersNation. Here’s what he had to say:

As a third-round pick it’s obvious you were highly regarded by the Brewers front office, but are you surprised by the attention you’ve gotten from fans in various Brewers blogs and online communities? Furthermore, did you expect to be fielding interview requests as soon as your first off-season as a pro?

Waukesha, WI

I would say yes, I was very surprised by the fan attention I recieved. I’m from a small town in central florida where we only have about 2500 residents so I’m not used to the attention that I have been getting. Although in college I did recieve some. I try not to read the online blogs and such just because baseball is such a mental game and although I am mentally tough, sometimes the things that are written can affect your performance if you let it one way or the other. I know of a couple guys that I played with that let some negative things a fan said get into his head and it bothered him to a point where he went into a bad hitting slump. Although, my parents try to read them and they tell me some of the things. Pertaining to your second question, I’ve actually already done a photo shoot and interview for our local newspapers, and our local magazine here in central Florida. I really don’t worry about the media just because I’m willing to work with them as much as I can because I don’t believe in being a self-centered athlete who thinks he’s better then anybody else. I’m willing to share my experiences.

Who is the best pitcher that you have caught for in your first year in the Milwaukee Brewers farm system?

Mount Horeb, WI

Now what I’m thinking is that you want to know the best pitcher I have caught in the Brewers minor league system and not the best I caught in my first year all together. I’m saying that because I caught a Japanese pitcher in Hawaii that was ridiculous. However I would say the best pitcher I caught in my first season would be Donovan Hand. Just because he had very good composure on the mound and knew how to win. I never had to worry about keeping him under control because he could take care of himself very well. A lot of young, inexperienced guys will lose their composure and control, causing them to not to perform well. My job as a catcher is to keep them under control and utilize their strengths at the same time. Donovan’s strong and controlled persona along with his stuff, allowed him and I to work together to get the hitters out.

There are so many aspects of the game that catchers are responsible for. What part of your game to you feel brings the most to the table for your team? What skill do you take the most pride in? Thanks Jonathan!

Madison, WI

I would have to say the whole defensive side of my game. Defense in catchers is what is sought after the most. A good hitting catcher is icing on the cake. I take pride in blocking balls, throwing runners out, calling the right pitch to freeze a hitter, etc. I’ve always felt that hitting(which is essentially hand-eye coordination) comes natural, either you have it, or you don’t. Defense on the other hand is a learned and acquired part of the catcher’s game that has to be worked on diligently and perfected, because really as a catcher, I won’t get to the big-leagues if I can’t catch, throw, block, and call a game all at the same time.

What baseball player was your role model growing up? In addition, who would you compare your skills to, or what kind of catcher do you think of yourself as?

Sheboygan, WI

Honestly I never had a role model. I grew up a kid that didn’t watch TV alot. I learned how to hit from my dad, and how to catch just through experience. I’ve been behind the plate going on twelve years now and I’ve seen alot. Of course I haven’t been playing pro ball all that time and I’ve had supplemental help throughout that helped to tighten my skills. I know I can hit, and that defense is my weak part of my game. I’ve been called a true-hitting catcher. That won’t get me to the big-leagues though.





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