Yost secure through 2009

8 02 2008

Doug Melvin announced today that Milwaukee has picked up Yost’s 2009 option. Apparently, the team picked up the option last year, but it had not been widely announced.

Don’t expect Yost to be on a short leash either. Melvin pointed out that the Brewers started 24-10 last year and did not make the playoffs. Thus, if the Brewers start slow this year, the team has experience that proves it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.

It seems that the announcement today is simply to illustrate a sense of confidence in Yost coming into the season. All signs point to Yost riding out the whole of 2008. I apologize for being the bearer of bad news to all you that dislike Ned. In my eyes, there would be no advantage to be canning Yost before the season starts or even during the season. He is growing as a manager, like Melvin has said countless times, and if Yost proves that he still cannot get it done after this year, management can address the situation after the season. As for right now, let’s stick with Yost.




One response

10 02 2008

You really think he’s growing? Because from what I saw last year, he was making the same stupid mistakes over and over again, and refusing to admit they were foolish. Not to mention that this is hardly the time to be worrying about a manager growing/still learning as our window for success is probably quite limited. We need a manage that can win now, and that =/= Ned Yost.

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