Yost predicts huge year for Weeks

8 02 2008

We all know Rickie Weeks has been garnering praise from every baseball source on the internet this off-season.  He’s being tabbed as a “breakout player” candidate.  That’s always nice to hear.  Ned Yost is taking it a step further though.

“I consider it almost a done deal,” Yost said.  “It’s just a matter of time. You saw what he can do in August and September last year. It was unbelievable, the difference in how he swung the bat.”

Weeks had an abysmal batting average last year, batting only .235 in 409 ABs.  After getting sent down to the minors, however, Rickie blew up in August and September.  He had a .500 on-base percentage in August and finished with a .374 OBP.  That is 139 points higher than his average.  That speaks highly of his plate discipline at the end of the year.

All signs point to his wrist and thumb injuries as fully healed, so there seems to be no reason why Rickie cannot come out and be the true lead-off hitter the Brewers have been waiting for him to be.  The Brewers are a different team when he’s swinging the bat well.




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