Bedard finally to Seattle

8 02 2008

The Bedard-Mariners deal is finally completed. The Ms sent over a HUGE haul to get Bedard, a much bigger package than the Mets got for Johan. The Orioles received center fielder Adam Jones, reliever George Sherrill, and pitchers Chris Tillman, Tony Butler and Kam Mickolio.

The amazing aspect of this deal is that the prized prospect, Adam Jones, may not even be the best player when all is said and done. Scouts have been raving about Chris Tillman, and many believe that he’ll be the steal of this trade.

This is important for the Brewers because another pitcher is off the market. The more pitchers that find teams in the coming month, the higher demand for pitchers like Chris Capuano and Carlos Vargas. I originally thought that Melvin would make a trade before Spring Training, but it is beginning to look like he will not make a move until late March. He’s still worried about the injury bug hitting the Brewers in the spring. If the Brewers get through relatively unscathed, however, Melvin and the Crew will be in a great bargaining position to get a couple nice pitching prospects for either Capuano or Vargas.



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