Odds and Ends

7 02 2008

Glad to see that everyone has found the new site. Don’t forget there’s a link to this week’s poll on the sidebar!

Now, on to Brewers’ news. Not too much is going on today, but here are some interesting reads:

  • It seems that sports writers really do not like Jason Kendall. The Hardball Times just unveiled their “worst infield for the dough,” and Jason Kendall took the honors at catcher. The article is a little misleading, however. It uses last year’s salary numbers, and it only looks at the offensive output from Kendall. The Brewers did not sign him for his bat or his throwing arm. Melvin signed Kendall for the intangibles and his ability to make pitchers better.
  • Sports Weekly published its 100 Names You Need to Know in 2008 today. Manny Parra and Mitch Stetter made the list for the Crew. Paul White, author of the article, seems to think that Stetter is above Choate in the bullpen depth chart. I’m not completely sold on that argument, but I think Stetter has the ability to play very well this year if the Brewers give him a chance.Interestingly enough, two former Brewers also made the list, LHP Joe Thatcher and 2B Callix Crabbe. Thatcher was one of the three players Melvin sent to San Diego for Scott Linebrink in the middle of the season last year, and he pitched brilliantly for the Padres last season. In fact, he pitched better than Linebrink did for the Crew after coming to Milwaukee. This is tempered some, however, by the fact that Linebrink gained Milwaukee two draft picks by being a Class A free agent.

    Callix Crabbe always put up very solid numbers in Triple-A Nashville for Milwaukee, but Rickie Weeks blocked his development. I was sad to see Callix go when the Padres drafted him in the Rule 5 draft this year, but it gives him the chance to play in the big leagues. Callix will compete for a utility role on the bench for the Padres this year, and let’s hope he gets it done. Good luck Callix!

  • An interesting tool used for projecting offensive capabilities is the Lineup Analysis Tool. The Brewers look to be a very formidable offensive team again this year, with a best-case scenario of 5.22 runs per game. What would that lineup look like according to the Lineup Analysis Tool? Here you are:Weeks, Fielder, Cameron, Braun, Hart, Hall, Hardy, Pitcher, Kendall

    Yes, you read that correctly. This projection tool says our pitchers will have more offensive output than Jason Kendall. This is by no means an exact science, but it is fun to look at. Here are the rest of the projected lineups for the Brewers.

  • Adam McCalvy takes a look at the Brewers’ bullpen for 2008. He notes that Melvin did a great job in acquiring many power arms that have 9th inning experience. The article does say that Gagne will be the closer for 2008, no question about it.One other interesting tidbit is that Yost said that he would prefer to have a second lefty in the bullpen to go along with Shouse, Gagne, Riske, Torres, Turnbow, and Mota. This would mean that Yost is looking towards either Mitch Stetter or Randy Choate. Like I said earlier, I think Choate has the advantage in this battle, but Spring Training can change everything.

    If Yost does put Choate or Stetter in the bullpen, it would leave the Crew without a long-relief option. Perhaps Yost is talking about Capuano or Parra in the pen? Who knows… I couple trades are still looming on the horizon for the Brewers with their surplus in starting pitching. It looks like the pitchers will have to bring their A-game in Spring Training. This is the kind of competition the Brewers system has longed to have for many years.




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