ESPN Fantasy Preview: Milwaukee Brewers

7 02 2008

Eric Karabell from ESPN continued his fantasy team preview series today by focusing on the Milwaukee Brewers. It’s written from a fantasy point of view, but it still has some interesting tidbits of information in it.

Karabell does not think very highly of the Milwaukee Brewers and their system. He thinks that the Crew will always blow any type of lead or any semblance of improvement down the stretch. It is actually rather disheartening to read his comments about Ben Sheets, Bill Hall, Jason Kendall, and Eric Gagne.

Did Karabell have anything positive to say? Only a couple things. He raved about Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder in the middle of the order. He loves Yovani Gallardo and surprisingly, Manny Parra. Karabell also believes that Matt LaPorta could break into the big leagues this year. We Brewers fans know that’s not going to happen though.




2 responses

8 02 2008

Why is it surprising that he loves Parra? He’s got much better stuff than Villanueva, better control, etc.

8 02 2008

Sorry. I did not mean that he shouldn’t be excited about Parra. I think Parra should be in the starting rotation to begin the year, but I don’t think he will.

I just meant it was surprising that Karabell liked Parra because he didn’t have too much good to say about the Brewers in general. I was more surprised that he said anything good about Brewers pitching after blasting them the whole article.

You are quite right, though. Parra is someone to be excited about.

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